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La compagnie Magik Fabrik

Démarche artistique



The Magik Fabrik opened its doors in 2005, born from an artistic encounter between Alice Wood and Romain Ozenne.

Both have a heterogeneous, unconventional formation, made up of multiple encounters and experiences.
They discover the stage through various projects, both musical and theatrical.

Their artistic complicity makes them want to create a project, with the idea of bringing all these experiences together to create a world of their own, tinged with humour and poetry.

Their imagination, their desire to create shows from one end to the other, from the script to the set, through the direction and the music, gave birth to this Fabrik, this factory with quirky and poetic dreams, where original worlds are handcrafted, So many invitations to travel, to dream, and to laugh.

Strongly inspired by physical theatre, they are very attached to the mix of disciplines: body theatre, music, object theatre, clown.

The company develops a bodily, burlesque, clownesque theatre. Great importance is given to the body of the characters, their way of moving, their gait, their attitude. The quirky characters, endearing by their clumsiness, evolve in a poetic universe to their measure.

The two actors have a very bodily approach to theater through their training, the courses they have taken, and their experiences. They trained with Norman Taylor, Ami Attab, and other artists whose work came from the school of Jacques Lecoq.
The character of the clown as well as the dance take an important place in their work.

The company also favors playing with objects, which are manipulated, diverted from their function, and which are an integral part of dramatic writing.
In this sense, particular care is given to the construction of the sets.


Music, too, holds a primordial place in the work of the company.
It accompanies the characters in their game, it is played live with instruments or with diverted objects.
The music recorded and broadcast during the shows is also written and created by the members of the company.

All these elements contribute to the creation of original universes, specific to the company, where humor mixes with poetry.


It is with great sadness that we saw the departure of PIERRE GAUDIN at the beginning of 2014, director of the MELODIE THEATER company, to whom we owe a lot. 


Without his invaluable help and generosity, our company would not be where it is today...


He honored us with his trust,  generously opened the doors of his place to us, advised us on everything and for everything, made us known to many programmers, and even gave us roles in his shows.


We will remember a man who was always very optimistic, who had a f...... energy, 
and that we have had the chance to cross on our way.


Bon voyage Pierre, and again THANK YOU.


Alice and Romain

  The company Magik Fabrik is a member of the collective Le 99 and GE Oscar.

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