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Do as at Fous! -L'Escal, Witry lès reims, 51

Do as at Fous!- Louis Aragon cultural space, St Vallier, 71

Do as at Fous!- Le Palace, Surgeres, 17

Myriagon -Cultural service, Montivilliers, 76

Myriagon- Foster home, Chartres, 28

Do as at Fous!- Cultural service, Liffré, 35

Do as at Fous!- L'Archipel, Granville, 50

Do as at Fous!- Lebournot Cultural Center, Aubenas, 07

Do as at Fous! -Cultural service, Vitré, 35

Do as at Fous! -Adjoining scenes, Caudry, 59

Do as at Fous!- South Pole Cultural Center, Chartres de Bretagne, 35

Do as at Fous! -MJC Calonne, Sedan, 08

Myriagon -University House, Mt St Aignan, 76

Do as at Fous! -L'Eclat, Pont Audemer, 27

Do as at Fous! -Roger Ferdinand Theater, St Lô, 50


Do as at Fous! -Le Moulin, Louviers, 27

Do as at Fous! -Edith Piaf Theater, Bernay, 27

Do as at Fous! -Ommasec, Le Colombiers, Magnanville, 78

Do as at Fous!- Courmesnil Cultural Center, Loué, 72

Do as at Fous! -Asso A Petits Pas, Ruisseauville, 62

Myriagon -Cultural service, St Pierre lès Elbeuf, 76

Do as at Fous! -Employment center, La Halle aux Toiles, Rouen, 76

Myriagon -Cultural space F. Mitterrand, Canteleu, 76

Do as at Fous! -Espace Louis Aragon, Oissel, 76

Do as at Fous! -The Golden Sabot, St Gilles, 35


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