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How To Kill People

Public show for the street

​ France is doing badly.

Faced with the crisis and growing insecurity, the association "How To Kill People" has decided to act for the good of society.

How ?

Quite simply by eliminating the parasites that plague it!

Each of us can act.

Miss Lami and her faithful assistant Mr Pape present us with a series of effective techniques, and accessible to all!

A burlesque, satirical and quirky show.



This show has benefited from ODIA's distribution support.



Comédiens : Alice Wood et Romain Ozenne

Mise en scène : Alice Wood, Romain Ozenne et Samuel Gardès

Régie : Yannick Brisset

Costumes : Emilie Baillot

Décor : Alice Wood, Romain Ozenne, Manue Gastelais


​ Supporters and partners


ODIA Normandy, Upper Normandy Region, General Council of Seine Maritime, City of Rouen.


Agnès Laigle Duval - Granville Archipelago (50), Jean Paul Viot - Logomotive Théâtre / Les Bains Douches d'Elbeuf (76), Laurent Motte - Cultural Service of Saint Pierre Les Elbeuf (76), Benoit Lecoq - Cultural Service of Bernay (27), Le 6000 Artistic fallow - Fontaine l'Abbé, Agnès Dubost - Community of Municipalities of the Hague (50), Bertrand Landais - François Mitterrand Cultural Center of Canteleu (76), Mélodie Théâtre – Boos (76), Véronique Youinou - Community of Communes of Andelle (27), Les Festival Z'Amis.




And a big thank you to Samy, Simon, Denis, Amy, Guillaume, Jane, Manue, Pierre and Catherine, Fred, Benoit, Fred, Benoit Elise, Valerian, Camille, Lucie, Julie...

©Léa and Laure Rouen

  The company Magik Fabrik is a member of the collective Le 99 and GE Oscar.

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