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INCOGNITO - pas moi c'est lui - Franck H

© Franck Houdoire


they're two fools
they are dirty they have nothing
they watch the world go by with their strange eyes
they are there incognito
and as you too are there they will take advantage of it
they are going to have fun with some old boxes some bits of string
and a few kids if there are any hanging around
grumpy and laughing
stupid but clever
they flout authority and propriety
and have fun breaking the unbearable monotony of the world


A show for all audiences from 6 years old.


This show has benefited from ODIA's distribution support.


Yannick Brisset



Mathilde Lecornu



Samuel Gardes

Romain Ozenne

Alice Wood



Alice Wood

Romain Ozenne



ODIA Normandy

City of Rouen

Upper Normandy region

DRAC Upper Normandy


Workshop 231 / CNAR - Sotteville lès Rouen 76

Area of the Moulin de l'Etang - Billom 63

University House - Mont Saint Aignan 76

Logomotive Theater - Elbeuf 76

Cultural service - Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf 76

Cultural service - Bernay 27

Commédiamuse - Cultural space of the Rotonde - Petit Couronne 76


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